Leave Off The Last "S" For Savings

This is an inside New York joke. So are these mattresses....

Please don't ask what this guy is doing (it's too disgusting to think about).

Hope For Unemployed Super Heroes

You see, the economy is picking up and it's good to see that there's a need for a person with Super Skills.

Hopefully, spelling is one of them.


Excuse me?

Ummmm. Okay.


Black and White and Red All Over

This is what I love about New York - the streets can be one giant modern art museum sometimes.



Somehow the world is now in order. Or, perhaps he just needs to air things out a bit.


Where's Santa?

If you're wondering why you didn't get that iPod or that George Foreman's Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine for the holidays, I guess it's because Santa had better places to be.

And it looks like maybe Santa has kept that George Foreman's Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine for himself.

But can we talk about the boots?


Hygienics is key

Now, if I go to this doctor's office, am I still responsible for paying the deductible?

Enough of the birds already!!!!!

You know I said that there would be more birds. I'm not sure this one counts as a bird picture. Well, you be the judge.

I wish I could be as relaxed as this wooden chicken looks. You know, it's like that old saying.... "He looks as calm as a chicken on a roof." What!? You never heard of that one?


Pale Male

Excuse all the bird posts (warning: there will be more) but I just found this shot in my archives. When I compared the markings, I found that this was PaleMale, the homeless refugee hawk from 5th avenue.

I saw him when I was walking through Central Park one day, not that long ago. He swooped by me (missing me by about three feet) with some large furry/feathered animal in his grasp. He landed in Sheep's Meadow and began to tear his captured prey apart.

And who said that Central Park was safe anymore? Maybe not if your small and furry (beware rats!)

Awesome animal, huh?



In the land of pigeons, the one-legged turkey is king.

By the way... this is in Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan. Would you mind telling me what the hell a turkey is doing in Battery Park!?


Beat this, WalMart!!!

In this city, you can buy everything! What's even better is that I get a penny back in change.

Only in America.



You know, now that I think of it, I did read somewhere that you can calm your allergies by shaving off your hair and gluing boxes of Zantac and Claritin to your head while being buried up to your nose in fake snow.

He kind of looks like Darth (Humpty Dumpty) Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi, doesn't he?

Homey on the Range

Holiday time in New York's Times Square.

Patting the butt of the Naked Cowboy.

Now that's a non sequitur if ever I saw one.


Hell on earth

Apparently there are a lot of rules when you are headed down to the infernal regions. Also, you can't be taller than 6'4".


Bird of Prey

This is what I saw from my window this morning. Wow!

It is a red-tailed hawk and I've been seeing it fly around our neighborhood in Brooklyn for quite some time; perhaps years if it's the same bird. I also saw it a few lucky times in Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Who would have thought that Brooklyn could have such wildlife? Remember in my previous blog the shots of the possum?

I wonder if those people knew that this guy landed on their terrace? Maybe it will bring them good luck.

UPDATE: Those of you not living in NYC may not know about this but some stuffy, snobby rich folks on Fifth avenue are trying to evict a family of red-tailed hawks from their stuffy, snobby Fifth avenue building. If you want to help out, check out the New York City Audubon web site.

Ever get that feeling?

I suppose she does not approve of the hat and the horizontal striped shirt (very unflattering).

New York Settee

Go ahead. Have a seat.

I think you can also call this a Chaise longue or a daybed. Just what one needs after a long and tiring walk down Flatbush avenue. I love the floral pattern particularly.


Cab thought

Somewhere on Fifth avenue was this incredible blue painted wall. Cabs passing in front of it created an electricity that I could not ignore. The woman's face was a bonus

Sasquatch on the Q

Remember that little girl Newt in the movie "Aliens?" At some point she asks Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) why parents tell their children that there are no real monsters. Ripley replies that most of the time it's true.

Except for today! There are monsters Newt! And they ride the Q train! You notice that the train is empty? That's because the monster ate all the people!

(I wish)


Tear in space/time

Okay, well... I'm trying the photo blog - thing again. I think that doing something like this has certainly helped me be more creative in the past, and, boy, do I need to get those creative juices flowing again. I had such a good response from my first photo blog, I'm just sorry that I let it wither away and dry up.

So, with the summer now past and a backlog of shots to process, I'm going to give this another go. Winter is always a fun time for me to shoot; the cold sucks, but the light is great.

The next bunch of postings will have shots that I intended to put up on my previous blog but never got around to it. There will be a mix of some older work (from 2003) and new stuff that I shot this past year as well as new work that I will make during the winter. Anyway, enough of this talk.... Now to the image:

This shot I took down at South Street Seaport. And, no, it's not a Cristo... at least I don't think it is. It's a building with painted-on windows wrapped in plastic (Twin Peaks reference there). The wind was so strong that day, I'm surprised that it didn't blow off entirely. It's an amazing sight to see an entire building wrapped in a blue tarp. By the way, did I read that Cristo wants to wrap up Central Park? Maybe it will suffocate all the rats.