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Okay, well... I'm trying the photo blog - thing again. I think that doing something like this has certainly helped me be more creative in the past, and, boy, do I need to get those creative juices flowing again. I had such a good response from my first photo blog, I'm just sorry that I let it wither away and dry up.

So, with the summer now past and a backlog of shots to process, I'm going to give this another go. Winter is always a fun time for me to shoot; the cold sucks, but the light is great.

The next bunch of postings will have shots that I intended to put up on my previous blog but never got around to it. There will be a mix of some older work (from 2003) and new stuff that I shot this past year as well as new work that I will make during the winter. Anyway, enough of this talk.... Now to the image:

This shot I took down at South Street Seaport. And, no, it's not a Cristo... at least I don't think it is. It's a building with painted-on windows wrapped in plastic (Twin Peaks reference there). The wind was so strong that day, I'm surprised that it didn't blow off entirely. It's an amazing sight to see an entire building wrapped in a blue tarp. By the way, did I read that Cristo wants to wrap up Central Park? Maybe it will suffocate all the rats.


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I stumbled upon your site through a blog site. Just wanted to say I enjoyed it very much and it was inspiring as I am in the ealry stages of building my own blog site which will also contain some of my photography. Also, I live in NY as well and enjoy going into the city just to shoot all that is NY.

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