Was That You In Our Bedroom?

C'mon, I knew it was you peeking.


Behind Bars

Another shot dealing with light and shadows. This was a bus stop in San Fransisco that I took a couple of years ago. I just love shadows and beams of light.

Of course, there's no link to my title and the fact that today is tax day. Remember, the IRS has no sense of humor.


Come in from the light

Eerie and ethereal.


Fendi Bender

No words. Just a cool pic.


Girl of Summer

Today was such a wonderful day, weather-wise, I thought I'd post a taste of what is to come: Mermaid Parade 2005 as previewed by Mermaid Parade 2004.


Two for Tuesday

This just makes me think of Doublemint gum.


Walk to the Hand!

I don't miss the old "Walk/Don't Walk signs at all. I find that there is such a simplistic beauty to these crosswalk lights that I would like to hang them on my wall.

Now we have to say "Cross at the Man, not at the Hand."


Go to the light, John Paul

Condolences to those who honor the Pope.